Make it simple and clear! Ways to get rid of dirt from sole of sneakers!

Sneakers are necessary accessory to casual fashion. In comparison to showy shoes, sneakers are popular for daily use because of high functionality like light walking.

However, it’s annoying that sole of sneakers become dirty after daily use. ‘Should I use specific detergent?’, ‘

I want to know simple method to get rid of dirt’. You might be one of people who are asking these questions, aren’t you?

So, here we are going to introduce ways to get rid of dirt. Along with ways to keep sneakers from dirt, you must want to focus on all these methods.

Are your sneakers dirty soon?

As the same as dress, it’s necessary to wash sneakers. But, it’s prone to be dirty at sole comparing to other parts of shoes. Many people might wonder why it’s easy to get dirty at sole.

The sole of sneakers are easy to get dirty because it’s the closest part to the ground. Indeed, dirt such as sand or slit usually sticks easily and causes the sole become the dirtiest part.

In addition, the frequently used material, rubber sole, is another reason that sole is the dirtiest part because it’s usually stuck by dust.

4 ways to get rid of dirt from sole of sneakers

So, what should we do to get rid of dirt from the sole of sneakers? To keep the appearance of sneakers, you might have been marketed special cleaners. But it can be easily removed at your home.

Here, we are going to introduce 4 ways to clean sneakers sole. Every way is simple. If you “are annoyed with stains on sneakers”, you must not miss this.

The way to remove stains with erasers

Actually you can remove stains on sole of sneakers by rubbing with erasers. No matter what kinds of erasers are suitable. The way is to rub simply the stains on sole of sneakers.

Meanwhile, a lot of eraser residue comes out, and then you can wipe with wet towel. It’s easy way because you only need a piece of eraser. It’s highly recommend if you “are annoyed with little stains”.

The way to remove stains with toothpaste and toothbrush

Alternatively, using toothpaste and toothbrush is able to remove dirt from sole. Toothpaste contains abrasive which can get rid of dirt from sole perfectly. Especially, abrasion with rough substance containing a lot of particles is more effective to clean up.

Abrading with used toothbrush can clean every detail. Finally, wipe with mild wet towel. We recommend you cleaning with toothpaste and toothbrush if you prefer to do it with materials at you home.

Way to clean with oxygen-derived bleach


If you can’t endure any stains on sole of your sneakers, the way using oxygen-derived bleach and toothbrush is your choice. First, sink sneakers in mixture of hot water and oxygen-derived bleach for 1 hour to weaken adherence.

Next, take sneakers out from water, rinse running water, and rub sole with brush to remove dirt. At the end, wash remained reagent out under running water. If stains attach firmly, this method is recommended.

The way to remove stains with Melamine sponge


The Melamine sponge is frequently used when people are cleaning kitchen up. In fact the Melamine sponge also can be used to remove dirt on sole of sneakers. As usual, you are able to rub sole with wet Melamine sponge as you are cleaning up daily.

Needless to say, it’s no problem to remove silt or sand on attached on sole. What’s more, you can remove color fading caused by ultraviolet with Melamine sponge, too. If you can’t stand the fading, the Melamine sponge is your best choice.

Is any way to prevent from dirt?


We have known ways to remove dirt on sole of sneakers. The sole of sneakers is the most important component. So we have to take care of it every day. Then, speaking of prevention from dirt to attach to sole of sneakers, what could we do?

In order to prevent sole of sneakers from dirt, waterproof sprays are good idea. Waterproof sprays can resist not only water and silt but also stains efficiently. In addition, the habit to wipe dirt out from sole every day is also significant to prevent from dirt.

Let’s keep clean for sole of sneakers

We have known ways to remove dirt on sole of sneakers. The sole of sneakers is easy to get dirty, so it’s important to clean and maintain every day. Many ways to remove dirt such as using erasers are all simple and relaxing. So why not to maintain your sneakers regularly?

If you maintain sneakers, they will be in good condition longer. Today’s topic about ways to get rid of dirt from sole of sneakers will be your best ways to maintain sneakers.