How to style bandana and scarf for men. Here’s 2 examples.

Either if you are a busy person or not, who wouldn’t want to stay stylish despite your age?

If you are the person who wants to keep your neck warm during winter, why don’t you try to wrap your neck around with a bandana or a scarf?

Understandably, some people would think that “ they are stylish, but it’s probably hard to pull off ” or “ I want to expand my repertoire ”. Those of you who agreed to those comments above, let me show you the two super easy ways of styling bandanas & scarves.

We tried our best to explain the easiest way possible so you could become “ a stylish man “ in no time.

Effects of wearing bandanas & Scarves

Some people might not feel comfortable wearing these items.

But you if you are uncomfortable, or feel embarrassed about wearing bandanas or scarves, Because as long as you wear them correctly, 

  • You would look fashionable 
  • Looks like you pays attention to small details of your outfit
  • You’d look successful and wealthy

Just like the list above, you could make some great impressions to the people you meet.

The point is not to just wrap them around your neck, but have to know the correct way to style them depends on your fashion to make it look great.

There are people that started to get  some attention from the opposite sex just because they started to wear bandanas or scarves, and wear them correctly. So there’s not a single reason not to wear them.

2 ways to style bandanas and scarves

We sometimes hear comments like “I want to be a fashionable man!” or “I want look stylish but not in a super manly way”. And those needs and wants could be fulfilled with bandanas and scarves. Perhaps you own a few pairs of them from your birthday, or from some sort of events and they might be sitting deep down in your closet. This is the chance to bring them out!

Otherwise if you’ve got pairs that you like, you could just use them but wear it even better!

From the countless numbers of ways to style bandanas and scarves, this time we are showing you a few of the easiest ways that won’t take much time out of your busy day.

  • 1.A tie style will add softness in your outfit


If you want a simple and casual way to style your bandanas or scarves, “a tie style” is the way to go.

Bandanas or scarves aren’t supposed to be long like suit ties. But this is the way that uses “small area” of them as an advantage. 

The bandana in this photo is about 50cm in length. We recommend you to use a bandana that’s similar size to it.

At first, flip the bandana. back side of it has to be facing up. After that make a rhombus shape with it.

If there are some kind of tags on it, make sure that won’t be visible from the others when you finish styling it. To hide the tags, bring the side that have tags on it to your side.


Next, roll the bandana around from the end with approximately 4cm width.


When you are done rolling them around, place it on your neck and tie it in one knot.


And after that tie it again. Make a solid knot.


Lastly fix the bandana a little to make it look nicer in front of a mirror, then you are good to go!


You could go to casual parties wearing this style.

Even if you’ve got no time, you could make your outfit look cool instantly with this way. Wouldn’t hurt to memorize it!

2.Be a “cool guy” with the ring wrap style

For the ring wrap style, as you can tell from the name, you need to have a ring. You could choose what colour of the ring you want to use either gold, silver or others. You won’t have to purchase a ring either. If you have a ring at home, you could use them.

Let me show you how to style this one.

Just like the tie style, roll the bandana or scarf around from the end with approximately 4cm width.

Then, symmerically place them on your neck.

After that, grab the left end of the bandana/scarf and put it through the ring. Stop at the place that could fit 3 singers from your collarbone.


This time grab the right end of the bandana/scarf and put it through the ring but under the left end of it.


At this point the left and right end of the bandana should be crossed for the first time.

And you are set! This is the ring wrap style.

It takes less time than the tie style so this one is recommended to super busy people.

Even if your bandana/scarf is short and you aren’t sure how to style them, this way of style could make them look nice.

Tips on how to successfully style your scarves/bandanas

I’m sure some of you tried to style bandanas or scarves over and over again but it didn’t look right so gave up on it.

If you are one of those people, let’s remember these key points.

・Style it while looking in a mirror

・If it’s the first time trying out the new style, do it when you have plenty of time.

・If you have time to practice, do it!

・Take few pictures with it and see if there’s anything wrong with the look.

Let’s not avoid to look into a mirror while styling it especially.

Then you just need to not to stress about it and you could style it correctly.



This time i showed you how to style bandanas/scarves in a manly way.

It might be hard at first.

But if you practice or try to style it when you aren’t in rash will make your hands get used to the process and you will be able to style it without any struggle in few days.

If you have a thought like “It’s wrong and embarrassing to look fancy and tried to be stylish when you are old.”, don’t be too quick to judge. Try these items and styles out! It doesn’t look strange at all, especially during a colder season. Now is the time to start looking nice.

Use them to become more stylish!