Desirable outdoor, stress-free and highly functional Mouton shoes from SUICOKE

SUICOKE, based on the concepts of “I create what I love.”, “I only produce what I want to possess.” launched lots of sandals with high quality and creative design to the world. 

With the so strong image of sandals, do you know the SUICOKE launched mouton shoes “SUICOKE RON-Mwpab-MIS” in the season of AW in 2018?

Even though the model seems not to be outdoor-oriented, to have camping, fishing, or trip is the right outdoor activities to show the true value of the shoes.

Speaking of SUICOKE, the Vibram sole comes out. The same, the mouton on the shoes combines the sole with the newest technology from Vibram.

.I’m so tired to the cold feeling from toe after walking when I was camping.
.I want to have a pair of shoes that I don’t feel tired after long-time walk.
.It’s so mess up that rain and water come into shoes and make it wet.
.How scary the surface of freezing road looking so slippery is
.I love outdoor-oriented shoes but hope that the design is significantly treated, as well

SUICOKE RON-Mwpab-MID can solve all problems above.

The ones who say “What’s? Mouton?” don’t need to worry. Not only functionality, but also is design considered so that you can use it outdoors.

Not only females but also are males whom we suggest to.

Feeling decreased stress in outdoor environment

The friction from ARCTIC GRIP changes recognition of feet


The outdoor sole equips the ARCTIC GRIP made by corporation VIBRAM.

ARCTIC GRIP is the rubber sole used the-state-of-the-art technology with the feature that it’s not slippery because of the effective grip even on the surface of freezing road.

Because of the ARCTIC GRIP buried inside the blue tip, the grip is three times more than former VIBRAM sole.
There might be rarely situations such as walking on the ice outdoors, though, the danger of falling will be decreased when one walks on surface of freezing road in the winter.

The abrasion of sole is inevitable, but this point is not worriable that the durability of sole here is greater than other soles.

Although one might think that is over engineering for daily use, the sole will be the prevention when you are going to prevent from falling.

The excellent antibacterial performance from original footbed from VIBRAM.


For the footbed, the original footbed from Corporation VIBRAM who combined with antiseptics is used.

How incredible that the material became indispensable during one year after it’s manufactured. During one year of experiment, the success of great reduction of smell, and maintaining long effect are proved.

It seems that encountering sweating or raining outdoor are quite inevitable. The combination of sweat and rain is the environment bacteria like to live in, becoming the very reason of bad smelling of shoes.

The same, it seems that is hard to take a wash and dry your shoes outdoor usually.

Meanwhile, the antiseptic function is effective. Because of suppression of propagation of bacteria, the worrying of bacteria-causing smelling is unnecessary.

Plus, footbed is designed according to Japanese foot, so it supports and covers foot firmly. Users don’t feel fatigue even after long-walk.

Highly heat insulation from genuine mouton


Inside shoes, genuine mouton covers whole inner layer untill toe so that heat insulation is great.

In mountains, its cold in winter indeed, though, the temperature goes down once sun sets in summer. Although once toe fells cold, body also feels cold, one can easily stand cold in the morning or night if toe is covered and warmed by mouton firmly.

The amino acid structure of proteins of fur of mouton is very similar to human, so the impressive feature is high proportion of water contained. Contained much water is the way it has low heat conductivity. What’s more, excellent moisturization brings unique texture.

SHEPRA, the strong shoes for the way to block water


Under outdoor circumstances, sudden squall or rainfall are difficult to avoid no matter what you do. On the rainy day, it’s frustrated that shoes are totally wet.

To avoid the worriable scenario, it will be the SHEPRA. The original suede leather with water resistance tag is equipped upper the SHEPRA and water resistance sheet is layered inside the shoes.

According to the test of water resistance, the function is proved by that water can’t permeate under 10 meters deep and lasting 10 hours. Besides, the manufacturer considers the avoidance of water coming into the shoes directly, so we don’t need to worry about the water makes inner wet from upper.

However, the function of water resistance is not permanent. Please remember to maintain daily.

※It’s not waterproof, so it might be permeate according to daily use.

The way to dress SUICOKE RON-Mwpab-MID

Because the design is slip-on style, it’s moderate obvious and even dressing with autumn and winter style is quite smart.

The round style is well-matched with other styles, so it’s also suitable for daily use.

Speaking of outdoor, the classic mountain parkers come out as usual dress.

However, mountain parkers make it look loosing image, so combining with slim pants or chino pants creates freshing line image.

Shoes are black, so dressing with a little colorful or patterned mountain parkers makes you more fashionable.

For daily use, the sweatpants are recommended.

Today’s model used mouton as material. To exude relaxing felling, sweatpants are dressed to express relaxing.
The denim shirt inner and cardigan putting on increase casual feeling and make daily use dressing up.

SUICOKE RON-M2ab-MID, more daily use-oriented



Highly used outdoor mouton shoes「SUICOKE RON-Mwpab-MID」 with highly functionality introduced today might not suitable for the users simply wear mouton shoes daily. To these users, the simple shoes without processing of water resistance and grip functionality, 「SUICOKE RON-M2ab-MID (22,000yen w/o vat)」 is recommended.

With two colors of beige and brown, the shoes expand your daily life.


What do you feel about these shoes?

With functions of cold-proof, the mighty shoes have water resistance and excellent grip on freezing road to prevent from falling down. In fall and winter, it’s quite enough to have the exact shoes outdoor.

When it comes to mouton, the design is stylish, so it’s a good choice to the users who don’t like the shoes designed for trekking.

No matter what kinds of styles, the shoes are easily to match up not only outdoors but also city walk.
You must enjoy the comfortable outdoor life with the highly functional mouton shoes from SUICOKE.
It’s no doubt a content shoes.

SUICOKE RON-Mwpab-MID(24,000yen +tax)
SUICOKE RON-M2ab-MID(22,000yen +tax)