12 Choice Glasses Brands Made In Japan

Glasses are necessary for daily life, indeed, and are indispensable for stylish items, but do you know there are several famous fashionable glasses brands on the world from Japan?

There might be many people heard about that city Sabae in Prefecture Fukui, known as the city of glasses. The city is famous for providing glasses frames all over Japan beyond 90%. Moreover, it provides about 20% frames all over the world and one of 6 employees are doing glasses industry.

The peaks of techniques, quality and development are famous for the glasses from city Sabae and keep pace with Belluno in Italia and Wenzhou in China as “The three place of product of Glasses”.

To increase effectiveness, machinery facilities were introduced. But the really delicate adjustment needs to be done by hands instead of by machines only. So, important engineering processing is done by experts’ eyes and hands finely even in the modern world.Rather than the experts following clients’ demand, they actually are far from clients.

Being responsible for “You wear it daily, I do it delicately” and producing it carefully, the experts produce glasses holding the clients’ content smile in mind.

Today’s sun glasses brands is from Japan and most of glasses are made in Sabae. They will be one of your fashionable choose.


It was founded in Prefecture Sabae in Shōwa (1958).

The brand is rare in Sabae that it has their own production process.

The brand has many co-products such as JOURNAL STANDARD, BEAUTY & YOUTH and URBAN RESEARCH. The 5th co-products with ISSEY MIYAKE are also popular.

Plus, Kaneko Optical is quite famous for warranty.

According to daily use, the screws on glasses might deform. The adjustment is totally free in Kaneko Optical.

Besides, it spends 2-3 weeks on producing, though, they provide about 3000 yen service for removing dull color.


The brand was an event production company for the glasses frame design in 1984, and then their original brand “JAPANISM” came out in 1996.

The brand features the designs according to the 30-year-old dies or plans. Else, for the ones who focus on fashionable items, they have the plan “BCPC” or entitled by their Corp. Name “BOSTONCLUN”, the 3rd line.

BOSTONCLUB has more items cheaper than JAPOSIM. Ones wanting to be stylish must choose the brand.

The Japanese glasses brand even fashionistas pursuit “BOSTON CLUB”


The sun glasses brand was founded by two managers. One is from “SPEAKEASY” in Kobe and another is from “Fre’quence” in Sapporo.

These two knew the trend of French vintage and then founded the brand. However, rather than just retro trend, they designed mixing modern element of street element.

Although the design is French vintage, the detail still follows the origin so that they are still eye-catching. With the modernized feeling of size, more and more people enjoy the French vintage atmosphere.

To the designer who design in the way of modernized “trend of vintage”, the tiny detail like “design based on the vintage (origin)” still seems to be considered carefully.


The designer Kumagai (熊谷氏) is rare expert in Japan who aims to produce handmade celluloid glasses and made debut in 2013.

Speaking of the celluloid, it’s charming for transparent and beautiful texture. Celluloid, an old but great material, was born in mid-19 century and is widely used in vintage glasses.

Nowadays, this material is rarely used in glasses frame. The factories where can process celluloid are little. Perhaps less and less factories manufacture it in the future.

Wanting to produce more fine glasses and wanting to have one more celluloid glasses are designers want to express in the glasses.


The concept “Concentrate on glasses. Meet favorite glasses.” is the base of the brand. All of procedures are overseen by Ameta as designer and craftman.

The material is plant fiber, acetylcellulose.

The acetylcellulose is made from cottons and pulp which make the texture soft and flexible. These characters are good to skin. Plus, the direct contact of ghee in material keeps warm.


Even though the brand was founded in Japan with rigorous design and high quality, it was attractive oversea such as America and Europe before in nation. As the center of trend, the brand was getting more and more popular all over the world from America and Europe.

The concept “Old items will be reborn as new items as time elapses.” was the theme in English in 1930. Taking this tide, the frame with retro atmosphere and texture is popular.


The brand name can be traced back the quality sign of pure gold. The pure gold of ingot will be graved numbers of 999.9 to represent the highest purity.

From the concept “Instead of putting it on, wearing it”, the feeling of wearing is treated as the first one in Japan.

Not only is the wearing feeling important, but the design is another feature of outstanding fashionable glasses. It’s recommended to try and find the value.


The brand is named by the flower, Iris Sanguinea, which is the representative of the hometown of designer Imaizumi, city Itako in Prefecture Ibaraki.

In recent, more than 9 countries including America and Germany reverberated the thinking of ultimate life style by the book ”TOOLS”, also making glasses a popular topic.

The character of Ayame is the subtle design on the frame lines coordinating well. The design of mixing of class and modern makes face stylish.

Suit, casual, luxurious style, or any other colorful mature fashion are all suitable.


With the concept “not over design”, ones wearing glasses will naturally habituate the frame. As well, high quality of design will be kept. Surely, design is rigorously controlled for production.

Starting from John Lennon, not only domestic people but also celebrities around the world love using it.

One type has various colors. No matter you want the color you like, stronger color or subtly changed color of your familiar color, all of these demands are not problematic.

It will cost average 50 thousand yen. It’s not cheap. But once you are the one simply pursues good and rigorous glasses, this one will be recommended.


This is the quite old brand having debut after war, in 1917.

“Want to produce the strong frame I want to use forever.” is why practitioner started the brand. The brand name is originated from “Cranes mean thousand years, turtles mean million years.”

Instead of following the trend, the brand aims to design high quality and classical items which will be used forever.

Beside lens, all parts have marks of turtle shells. This is the one we can see how careful it is.


To make the dream of indigenous industry come true, it had debut in 1905.

The brand is over 100 years old. Regardless of gender and age, one of its reasons to be popular is that it can satisfy anyone with different interest.

The brand was famous for responsible for presenting glasses to Emperor of Japan. In 2000, the brand had the honor to win the gold prize of academy of glasses world, the Frence “Silmo Award”, as the first Japanese Corporation. This is another point to be eye-catching.

The brand launches the triangle project of Europe, America and Asia. Though, based on the concept of producing excellent glasses, the quality doctrine is the response to the demand for the international era and society, and, at the same time, for improving step by step.


In 1972, the Yamamoto safety glasses were established in Eyevan. Based on the concept of fashion brand (Van Jacket) which is dominated by Ishizukensuke, “wearing glasses like clothes”, Eyevan started.

Eyevan released “Oliver Peoples “in opti-fair west in Anaheim in USA. The item caught people’s eyes and started to be famous oversea.

The magazine “People” showed Madonna wore the glasses. The brand has become several celebrities’ first choice.

Although Eyevan had stopped activity, in 2018, it launched the retro item of “Capsule collection” born in 1980.


How is the 12 brands?

For the different shapes of glasses, the image of face will totally change once wearing glasses.

Needless to say, the glasses made in Japan have high quality of design, careful adjustment and then strong enough to be used for long. All of these make them attractive.

Indeed, hold this opportunity to rethink about glasses and find the different yourself.