Improve your look from your neck line! Characteristics of mens neckline and how to style them.

“These clothes just don’t look right on me…”. I bet most of you had that problem before. When T-shirts or knitted sweaters don’t look right on you, the problem might be coming from the neckline.

There are so many options for necklines like The U-neck or The V-neck. But because there are so many options out there, finding the best neckline for your body might become a problem don’t they?

So in this article, we are going to show you a few different ways to style a few different kinds of necklines depending on their neckline. Get to know the characteristics of different necklines and become fashionable from your neck!

What is a neckline?


First of all, what even is a neckline? Neckline is a “line around your neck area on your tops (shirts, sweaters, etc..)

For Example, if the shirts neck area has a V-shaped line, they are called V-neck. The shape of the line around that top’s neck area is called the neckline.

Characteristics of necklines and how to style them.


T-shirts or knitted sweater’s necklines have a variety of shapes. Each and every one of the shapes have their way to style them and uniqueness.

So we are going to show a few popular kinds of neckline and also teach you the right way to style each of them.

Find the best neckline for you by using this article for your reference!

Characteristics of The Crew Neck


Crew neckline is a neckline that is shaped to surround your neck. They are also called “Round Neck” and are a very popular neckline these days.

They have a shape that surrounds your neck so your skin won’t be shown much. Therefore the outfit becomes more of a classy style. The characteristic of the crew neckline is that they are a good match with long necks and small heads.

Because of the minimum skin exposure, the sharpness of your face will be emphasised.

How to style the crew neck


we recommend to do with the crew neck is to wear another shirt underneath the crew neck shirt and show a glimpse of the undershirt from your neck area. The look makes you look like a serious person by showing an undershirt.

Also if you don’t like to get stuffy around your neck, you could wear an outerwear that uses V-neck. Creating a V line will make the stuffiness around your neck a little less.

Characteristics of The U-Neck

U-neck is the neckline that has a U shaped line towards the chest. Very similar to the crew neck but the U-neck has a neckline that’s curved towards its chest.

Therefore the stuffiness around your neck is nonexistent and could be worn comfortably. Also the U-neck shows more skin around your neck and your head will look smaller.

If you happen to have a big head and want to make your head look smaller, wearing a U-neck might be one of the solutions.

How to style the U-neck


Important thing to remember when it comes to using this neckline in an outfit is “To control how much skin will be shown”. If too much skin is shown, you might look like a lazy person.

Therefore when purchasing clothes with a U-neck line, make sure to get ones that show the right amount of skin on your body. Also a little tip is when the outfit looks too serious and elegant, adding a U-neck item will ease the seriousness in that outfit.

Characteristics of The V-Neck


V-neck uses is a style that has a V shaped line around your neck. Compared to U-neck, they are a sharper neckline.

V-neck will make your neck look longer. They make your body look tall and lankier.

If you have a shorter neck that the most and you are not a fan of it, V-neck will help resolve that problem.

How to style the V-neck

V-neck shows more skin than the other necklines and makes your outfit look sharp. If the outfit looks a little too serious, adding a V-neck shirt will give the outfit a little casual taste and balance out the look really well.

Also if you aren’t a fan of showing off your collarbone, add another shirt underneath. You could also choose ones that have a shallow neckline.

Characteristics of The Boat Neck


Boat neck has a wider neckline than others. Their characteristics are that your collarbone will be shown and a has a shallow curved neckline.

Boat neck’s neckline goes wide so if the person is long-faced this matches your face very well. Collarbone will be shown nicely and makes the outfit more elegant.

How to style the boat neck


Boat neck allows you to show off your collarbone in a clean way. If you don’t mind showing off your collarbone, wearing a boat neck shirt without any other outerwear is a clean look option as well.

When trying to balance out how much skin is going to be shown in the entire body, you could expose your wrist or arms to balance out the look. Also if you don’t want to show off your collarbone, wearing an undershirt underneath the boat neck shirt is highly recommended.

Undershirt will give a little accent to your outfit and the outfit will become more fashionable.

Characteristics of The Turtleneck


Turtleneck is a long neckline that covers up most of your neck. This neckline doesn’t expose too much skin and therefore makes the outfit a little more mature.
Usually the turtleneck covers up the entire neck so your neck will be warm all the time. Suggested to be worn during autumn to winter.

How to style the turtleneck


Turtleneck has unique characteristics of elegance and mature look. When you are wanting to give the outfit a little be of classiness, wearing a tight turtleneck that emphasizes your bodyline.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more of a casual way to wear a turtleneck, wearing a larger size turtleneck is the way. Baggy silhouette makes the outfit a little more casual.

Changing the way of styling depends on the characteristics of their necklines!


We’ve shown you a few kinds of necklines and their characteristics. Knowing their characteristics will help you out when trying to put together an outfit.

Please use the knowledge about all the necklines in this article and use them to enjoy your wardrobe even more than ever!