Protect Valuable Clothes from Bugs. A Recommended Environmental-Friendly Wardrobe

Nowadays, we will use a lot of bug-proof items and deodorants. However, it will produce a bundle of waste and artificial fragrance, right?

Think of this. Every time you throw a lot of waste after usage of insecticide. What’s more, you will smell offensive odor when you are taking your clothes out. What a bad day!

To the people who confront these, we recommend bug-proof, deodorant item, KUSU HANDMADE.

KUSU HANDMADE is made from camphor wood, which is only grown in area in Kyusu in Japan. Long ago, camphor wood was known as “insect repellent”. Today, based on the concept of wanting to bring this into our environment, the item is produced.

Recycled camphor wood and 100% natural camphor wood have insect repellent function and refreshing and relaxing scent. In addition, you will not think it is bug insect repellent because of the fashionable appearance. So it is suitable to decorate interior.

Good to our bodies and environmental-friendly, the camphor wood is brought to modern time and will be designed in simple. Now, let’s learn more about it.


“KUSU HANDMADE” is produced based on the concept of delivery of “easy living.

During the process of wood flooring of camphor wood, the end materials are effectively manufactured into insect repellent “eco-block”.

The material of camphor wood is from Saga Prefecture or Kumamoto Prefecture in Kyusu. The material of block is the end material when the procedure of wood flooring or plate material. The end material that should be thrown away in the blink of an eye reborn into reusable eco-block.

Plus, the slim material which is not used in building is slice into chip and extracted camphor oil and camphor powder. The professionals in factories are processing end material of camphor wood carefully step by step. Even though they are all camphor woods, their features are different. The professionals have to concentrate on the work and spend about 10 days to extract the product delicately.

They are confident to their own goods because they manufacture products on their own so that can focus on every tiny detail.

The Efficacies and Functions of Camphor Woods

Do you know camphor woods are used as “insect repellent” long time ago? The substance extracted from leaves or twigs is natural camphor which has functions of insect repellent and deodorization.

The larvae of moths lay eggs on clothes. Hatched larvae inside eat clothes as their food. Besides, it’s worthy to notice there are even insects can eat fur. The kinds of eating clothes of insects are weak to the fragrance of camphor from camphor woods, so it’s effective to repel cloth-eating bugs with camphor woods.

Besides of insect-repelling and deodorization, the fragrance of camphor woods can relax and refresh you just like fragrance of menthol.

Recommended Commodities of KUSU HANDMADE


The cubes are protecting clothes with the power of camphor woods. The materials are cut from end materials of camphor woods, so the surface is not smooth because of hangnails. These roughness might hurt every cloth you want to put into. To prevent from this, a careful and proficient professional polishes the surface with sandpaper so that you can feel safe to use the cubes without hurting clothes.

The eco-block is coated with a layer of camphor oil so that you can use it directly.

To be safe, we recommend 2-3 drawers for one and 4-5 clothes for one case. Please place the cubes at corner. In addition to the use of deodorization of clothes, you can place the cubes inside shoe case to deodorize the offensive odor.

Camphor oil

It’s 100% natural essence oil extracted from camphor woods. It’s relaxing for the gentle and refreshing fragrance of camphor woods. There are wider functions as fragrance of aroma such as coating on the eco-block to repel bugs and deodorize.

The curved logs of camphor woods is used which you cannot find for building. The delicate and natural camphor oil is made by themselves. You can feel safe to use it before you open it in 5 years and after open 1 year.

The aforementioned eco-block has a little strong fragrant. So be aware of smearing too much.

There are a lot of ways to use the oil. For example, dropping 1-2 drops into bathtub to enjoy aromatic bath is recommended. The refreshing fragrance of camphor words let you enjoy the feeling in forest. This is also a recommended way to relax.

Aroma Dish

The aroma dish here is the one you can treat it with fragrance. You can enjoy by dropping 2-3 drops of oil onto the dish. Needless to use fire, the fragrance will diffuse naturally.

Other aroma dishes need to be washed, however, the aroma dish here just need you to drop oil and then you can smell the fragrance. Electricity fee is unnecessary. It’s economical to use domestic woods. The size is smaller than palm, so it’s designed as saving space.

Placing on bedside in bedroom helps you fall asleep. You can also put on your desk. It will refresh your mind when you take a deep breath that you head will sink into the fragrance.

The Ways to Use Eco-block and Aroma dish

Although the eco-block is fragrant and you can use it directly, the smell will fade as time elapsing. Even though you will get rid of the waste if it is expired, you don’t worry about the eco-block of KUSU HANDMADE because it is reusable.

So, we are going to introduce the way to use them long time.

For Eco-block

First of all, you have to prepare 2 eco-block and camphor oil.

First, drop 1-2 drops of camphor oil onto one eco-block. The camphor oil tends to flow out so please tilt the bottle gently.

Second, combine another eco-block and coat whole block. The material of eco-block is wood which can absorb liquid, so as soon as possible combine two of them together.

Here shows the coated blocks. The color and texture are changed a little bit.

After it dries, you can use it. It will dry about 30 seconds, though, it takes about 10 minutes to dry completely. If you put the blocks onto the clothes, the clothes might absorb the liquid. Please be care about this.

As shown in picture, you can put them onto clothes. However, clothes will have the fragrance of camphor. If you the smell on clothes, you can put the block at the corner of wardrobe that your clothes will not be close to.

For Camphor Oil

This one has similar fragrance to eco-block, though, its scent won’t spread out widely. However you still can enjoy the by dripping the oil at some places. Since liquid spills and sags, you must place a dish under aroma dish before dropping oil.

As mentioned before, the liquid tends to flow out, so please tilt the bottle gently and drip oil from the curved lid. 2-3 drops are well enough for 6 Tatami (6畳).

You can drop more if you prefer stronger scent.

Placing at any corner as you wish, you can start enjoying the fragrance of camphor. The fragrance melts into air and becomes gentle and soft scent.

It’s smaller and lighter than palm, it’s fit no matter you want to place it at entrance, in office or in room. Don’t worry about fire if it’s fall down because fire is unnecessary. It seems to be healed by the fragrance if you place it whole day.


The eco-blocks made by natural camphor woods can prevent from insects, offensive smelling and is easy to use. What’s more, it’s charming to be reusable woods, which you can use almost forever.

It’s fundamental to reduce waste and make by hand. The products from KUSU HANDMADE is aiming to have you feel the interaction of people and environment by experiencing how gentle the woods so that they are manufacturing.

The fragrance of 100% natural camphor woods are made in Japan. Professionals process step by step carefully. You will not want to miss the chance to experience this.