Fragrance from John’s Blend! Eight Choice Items from White Musk

Here are fragrant items make house having pleasant odor. Today, there are more and more fragrant goods such as Reed Diffuser you can choose easily.

However, if perfumes are not suitable to house atmosphere, they are not the right items. I believe that everyone wants to have well-coordinated perfumes and interior decorations.

Besides, to White Musk, many people think that “I like the odor, but it’s a little too sweet.” or “Want to have more fresh one”. People must like the perfumes which fit to room and smell not only sweet but also fresh.

What are “White Musk” of John’s Blend?

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Based on the concept of “pleasant odor enriches everyday”, John’s Blend produces a lot of items.

The materials are chosen by veteran humor, John, and mixes together. There are various kinds such as apple odor or lavender odor.

The White Musk is especially popular. Then, let’s know more about what White Musk from John’s Blend is and what kind of odor it is.

What White Musk is

I guess there are many people think it is “sweet odor” when they hear about White Musk. Indeed, normal odor of Musk features hormone-like sweet odor.

From other makers, a lot of White Musk-like perfumes are launched. However, White Musk from John’s Blend features “feel fresh like soap”, and “sweet flower odor”.

Because of the clean with fluffy feeling and gentle sweet, it is popular no matter in men or women. It is also recommended to the people who dislike “too pleasant odor”.

The reason John’s Blend is popular

The reason it is popular is “it can be used interior.” The commodity of John’s Blend features well-organized simple design.

They can be used in no matter what kinds of rooms because of stick-free design. Not only are the brand’s pleasant odor but also available interior-suitable, many people are supporting on the SNS.

Eight choice items of White Musk from John’s Blend

john's blend item

No matter which one you choose, the product of White Musk from John’s Blend is charming. I assure that there are many people don’t which one I should choose.

So, I’m going to introduce 8 choice White Musk products from John’s Blend. I also talk about details of characters and usage.

This time, you deadly can find your favorite goods.

Fragrance Gel

fragrance gel

Fragrance gel is fragrant gel. Once you open the lip, whole space will be full of pleasant odor. Its price is 990yen with tax. It’s made in Thailand.

Character of Fragrance Gel

The character of fragrance gels of John’s Blend is “rectangle glass jam bottle. They are fashionable. You can even put accessories into the bottle after run out of fragrance.

Plus, in comparison to other goods of John’s Blend, the Fragrance Gels feature “well-controlled odor”. Only the people close enough can smell them. I recommend the gentle odor to you.

They will last about 4 to 5 weeks. You can smell them only when you open the lids. It’s also recommended to have multiple fragrances to use them alternatively.

Recommended way to use Fragrance Gels

I recommended you set fragrance gels in “at entrance of toilets. To these two places, well-controlled odors are suitable.

Fragrance Gels of John’s Blend are the most suitable to entrance and toilet for the fluffy and gentle smelling. You can enjoy the pleasant odor while you are passing the fragrance gels.

Room Mist

room mist

Room Mist is product able to make room full of odor of White Musk immediately. Its price is 1078 yen with tax. It is made in Thailand.

Character of Room Mist

The character of Room Mist is “deodorant is mixed”. You can even feel there are several fragrant materials are mixed up.

Inversely, the air will become disgusting if it mixes different odors. Nonetheless, the Room Mist eliminates unpleasant smelling and add fresh odor.

To the people who “don’t want to mix fragrance up”, we recommend Room Mist of John’s Spray.

The recommended way to use Room Mist

“Before guests come, spray with gentle” is what we recommend. After pressing gently, unpleasant smell is eliminated and whole room is full of the fragrance of White Mus.

What’s more, you can use not only indoor, but also “in car to eliminate unpleasant odor by spraying”. To smoking and eating in cars, you can always have Room Mist in cars.

Both with in houses and in cars Room Mist is quite convenient.

Reed Diffuser

reed diffuser

With reed diffuser, you can enjoy fragrance just put a reed stick into bottle. The price is 3080 yen with tax. It’s made in Thailand.

Character of Reed Diffuser

The character of Reed Diffuser of John’s Blend is obvious “black reed sticks and deep brown miniature bottle”.

The cute miniature bottle is used by many people to erect pens after run out of fragrance. Many people commend the popular goods in SNS “simply put it there, it looks fashionable, like a cup of café”.

The Reed Diffuser of John’s Blend is simply and delicately designed. It’s fit to every room. It will last about three months.

The recommended ways to use Reed Diffuser

We recommend setting Reed Diffuser in wide room such as living room. Although it has a rattan of fragrance, its strength is well-controlled.

The fragrance will diffuse to whole house even in wide room such as living room. What’s more, it will last about three months, which means you can enjoy it very long time.

This one is recommended to the people who “want to enjoy the fragrance longer”.

Air Freshener

air freshener

You can hang air freshener under paper to diffuse perfume all over space. The price is 380 yen with tax. It’s made in Thailand.

Character of Air Freshener

The Air Freshener of John’s Blend features “bottle-like design. It’s fashionable to hang on at conspicuous places.

On the other hand, the design of pattern of some air fresheners is different on surface and reverse side. Some of them have no pattern on reverse side. That will be wonderful if there is pattern design on reverse side.

You can find both sides of patterns on the Air Freshener of John’s Blend. No matter which side you see, you feel fashionable; no matter where you hang it on, it will be cozy. It will last about 2 to 4 weeks.

The recommended way to use Air Freshener

We recommend “placing the Air Freshener in closets or cars”. You might think it’s unsuitable to put this kind of fragrance in closets or cars.

It’s easy to set the Air Freshener like hanging on. So it’s convenient to hang on hangers in closets or back mirror in cars.

You can easily enjoy the fragrance just hanging on, so we recommend the people who “want to try convenient products of John’s Blend”.

Aroma Water

aroma water

The Aroma Water can be used with humidifiers and aroma diffusers. The price is 1760 yen with tax. It’s originated from Japan.

Character of Aroma Water

The main feature of Aroma Water is that it can be used with humidifiers. The Aroma Water is not only an aroma diffuser, it has the function of humidifier.

You will use humidifiers in dry winter to prevent from drying. With Aroma Water, you can enjoy not only humidifying but also pleasant smelling of White Musk.

This one is recommended to the people who “usually use humidifiers in winter” to make your rooms enjoyable with fragrance.

1 to 2 cups of water is better to use Aroma Water. You can use about 115 times every one. The size is big enough. So only one is enough in dry seasons.

The recommended ways to use Aroma Water

We recommend using Aroma Water “in dry autumn of winter”. Especially “in living rooms or bedrooms” are usually dry.

There might be a lot of people will place a humidifier in living room or bedroom. If you use Aroma Water, it’s only not a humidifier but also a perfume to add fragrant odor of White Musk.

If you use in bedroom, you can enjoy the fragrance and sleep.



This product is a softener. It softens your clothes or anything you wash and adds fragrance. The price is 1540 yen with tax. It is made in Thailand.

Character of Softener

The Character of Softener is “the fragrance will last many weeks after washed”. You will love the softener to make anything you wash soft and gentle.

However, after used pleasant fragrance, it won’t last long. That’s wasting. Many people highly appraise the Softener of John’s blend that “it can last 2 to 3 days”.

You can smell White Musk after clothes are washed. To the people who “want to have odor of White Musk on anything I washed”, this product will be the right choose.

The recommended way to use Softener

If you want to have fragrance on your body, the Softener of John’s blend is the right one. It features long-lasting fragrance.

Before several days you are going to somewhere, you can wash clothes with the Softener of John’s blend and then you can enjoy the White Musk on your bodies.

It smells gentler than perfume. If you “want to be fragrant but don’t want to use perfume”, the Softener is right one.

Hand Cream

hand cream

The Hand Cream of John’s Blend is a local cream with fragrance of White Musk. The price is 1650 yen with tax. It is made in China.

Character of Hand Cream

The character of the Hand Cream of John’s Blend is “big size with 70g”. The Hand Cream is placed into steel bottle, having 70g.

With such amount, it will be enough in dry seasons. What’s more, the Hand Cream of John’s Blend is the most popular for “keeping moisture”.

Although some hand creams are fragrant, they can’t keep moisture. They are not practical. The Hand Cream of John’s Blend gently covers onto skin.

Even easily being dry such as fingers the Hand Cream can keep moisture. The people who “want to have fragrant hand cream which can strongly retain moisture” will like this one.

The recommended way to use Hand Cream

It is recommended using the Hand Cream when you “want to refresh”. The Hand Cream of John’s Blend is convenient to take outdoors and enjoy White Musk.

When you are taking a break on-duty, you can use the Hand Cream to refresh. If you smear some on fingers, the fragrance will spread out. Then you can start enjoying or refreshing.

Bath Bomb

bath bomb

The Bath Bomb is a bath additive you can put into bathtub and enjoy. Once you put one into bathtub, the fragrance of White Musk will spread out. The price is 880 yen with tax. It is made in China.

Character of Bath Bomb

Speaking of Bath Bomb, you will think of colorful water in bathtub because it is famous. The Bath Bomb of John’s Blend is a simple Bath Bomb can spread fragrance.

To the people who “are hard to use bath bomb” or “want to enjoy bath time in desirable smelling”, we recommend to have this one.

The recommended way to use Bath Bomb

If you want to “reward yourself”, you must choose this. After you finish a hustle and bustle day, the best way to relax is to soak in a bath.

The Bath Bomb of John’s Blend is the most enjoyable bath additive. When you are going to relax by taking a bath, don’t forget to put one into your bathtub.

Soaking into fragrance of White Musk of John’s Blend

After viewing the introduction of products of White Musk of John’s Blend, do you find your favorite items?

No matter which one you see, it is simple but fashionable. The fresh feeling and gentle sweet smelling of White Musk are popular with both males and females.

Do you want to join the world surrounded by fragrance of White Musk of John’s Blend?