No need for rasps. Japanese nail clipper “SUWADA Classic”

Recently, just like females, some guys also go to beauty salons and take good care of their looks. But do they take care of their nails? Nails grow quickly just by living normally and they need to be taken care of. If a person’s nails aren’t taken care of, that person might look like they don’t care about clean appearance and also might look lazy.

If your job consists of meeting clients all day, a lot of people will see the tip of your hands perhaps when you exchange business cards with them. And when people see your nails are cleanly rasped and taken care of, they will have a good and clean impression of you.

But rasping your nails is a pain in the butt. Everytime you rasp your nails you might not have time to rasp them because you are a busy person… Even if that’s the case for you, SUWADA’s nail clipper will allow you to take care of your nails quickly.

Lately SUWADA’s nail clipper is not only popular in Japan, but also in foreign countries as well. Anyone from medical personnel to professional manicurists are a huge fan of this clipper.

But why is this nail clipper so popular? Why is there “no need for rasps”? I bet there are quite a few questions that you want to know. For those of you who are interested in their product, i’m going to explain to you their characteristics and what’s special about them.

SUWADA’s “Lifetime” nail clipper


SUWADA was originally created way back in 1926 with the name “Suwada workshop”. Originally SUWADA was producing a tool called “Bitter” which is a prototype product of nipper. Since then, they are known for their nipper shaped blade and creating countless beauty products till this day.

This nail clipper is being produced in a Suwada workshop which has a place at Sanjo, Niigata. The Sanjo area has been known as a town of hardware since the Edo period.

SUWADA has a very particular policy of producing their products which is “everything has to be handmade by craftsmen”. This proves that they have a very powerful idea of creating the perfect products.

SUWADA takes about 3 months to get their products done. And now they are producing about 20 different kinds of nail clippers as of right now. Some of them have long lists of customers waiting up to 3 years. Now that’s a popular company i would say.

Out of all the products , I am going to introduce you to their most standard model, “SUWADA CLASSIC”.

Standard nail clipper model “SUWADA CLASSIC”


This nail clipper is the most standard clipper out of all the products they have, called “SUWADA CLASSIC NAIL CLIPPER”. It has a rare shape compared to usual nail clippers, but they applied their skill in producing nippers and because they made this clipper “a nipper shaped clipper” customers could hold this clipper with their whole hand and stabilize the product itself while clipping nails.

If this is your first time purchasing their nail clipper, I recommend you to this standard model.

Also the “SUWADA CLASSIC NAIL CLIPPER” could be chosen from small or large size. Small size is recommended for a person with small hands or even for kids. Large size is for any adult with normal size hands. Prices are small size is 6,930JPY and the large size goes up to 7,150JPY


Blade curved along nail


Take a look at this picture. The curved blade on it is very rare isn’t it? Normal nail clippers have some curve on their blades as well no other clippers have their blade curved like this. And because of its curved blades when they cut the nail they don’t bend the nail and give it a clean cut. And also could be used for ingrown nails or nails at the both ends.

Of course these clippers could be used for nails on your feet as well.

Calculated blades for clean cut


Rasping your nails after you clipped them is almost essential if you ask me. If you don’t rasp those nails then the tip will be uneven. But when using this nail clipper, the rasping is no longer a necessary step. Because of their controlled combinated blades(Aiba Chosei) allows the clipper to click both of the blades perfectly.

This “controlled combinated blades’ ‘ is so precise, when both the blades meet, you wouldn’t be able to tell where the border is. This is all possible because of their experienced craftsmen’s skills.

Also because of the “Controlled combinated blades”, that high pitch sound when you cut the nails doesn’t happen at all. The blades are way too sharp. Those sharp blades also help your nails to not to jump off everywhere.

No rusts with High carbon stainless steel technology


For the main material, SUWADA uses high carbon stainless steel which as you can tell from the name, super high density of carbon. These steel is also used in the handle part as well and gives the entire clipper a smooth and gorgeous texture overall.

Also they applied a hairline processing on the surface. The hairline processing is that they leave those thin “hair like” lines for purpose and make the product almost satin like. This process makes the clipper harder to get dirty and allows you to use them with ease.

smooth open/close with the cylinder Spring


Usually, any nail clippers have normal springs inside. But SUWADA uses a special spring called “Cylinder Spring”. This spring makes the clipper easier to use and allows the blades to open up to 1.5cm.

Like i said before, this nail clipper is obviously usable for your feet as well. The usual clippers usually work ok for your nails but when it comes to toenails, the process of cutting nails becomes harder. But SUWADA’s nail clippers allow you to cut those thicker toenails or ingrown nails easily.

Thoughts after actually using a SUWADA’s nail clipper

For this segment, we asked our female staff to actually use SUWADA’s nail clipper. Do they actually cut the nails off cleanly? Is “rasp free” really a case for this product? We are going to answer all those questions with her.

Thoughts after cutting nails with a SUWADA’s nail clipper


“Immediately, I put a nipper on my nails. If you look at the photo above, the curved blades are fitting perfectly on the nail like we explained before. Especially the tip is super sharp and allows you to cut your nails off cleanly, even the both ends of the nails. This curve on blades really fits the nails comfortably and it was super easy to clip my nails.”

“But i have to remind you guys that these blades are really sharp and might leave a cut on your fingers so you have to be careful when using this clipper.”


This time we asked our female staff to try this clipper, but she said it didn’t need almost any force to cut off the nails. When using normal nail clippers, most people use them with their index finger and a thumb. But the Suwada’s nail clippers let you hold them with your whole hand and makes the process much effortless. Of course It would be much easier for male users as well.

It’s safe to say that everybody has experienced that little noise the clippers make and the nail flies off to who knows where when they are clipping their nails. In addition to that, you would have to go find those nails which flew off somewhere and might even have to bring out a vacuum cleaner if they are nowhere to be found. That won’t ever happen with this nail clipper. Like i said they are super sharp and the nails did not fly off everywhere. It is nice to know that you won’t have to go find your nails afterwards.


I felt the cross section of the nail right after I clipped them… and no it was not rough at all! (though it might be hard to see in the picture)

A normal nail clipper usually requires an additional process of rasping the nails after you finish clipping the nails. Some of the guys won’t rasp their nails afterwards but female prefer guys with clean nails so make sure to take care of your nails!

Although if you use a SUWADA’s nail clipper, the rasping process is not necessary. They will even allow you to take care of your nails on busy mornings. If you are a little bit of a lazy person then this is THE nail clipper for you.

Also the clippers you have right now are probably smaller than SUWADA’s nail clippers and thick nails or the ends of the nails might be hard to take care of. But this nipper type clipper is easier to control and those troublesome nails could be taken care of with ease.

How to maintain the clipper itself


SUWADA’s nail clippers contain cutlery steel so even though it has anti rust treatment on it, if you don’t clean it at all the rust will appear. I recommend you to wipe the whole clipper with a soft cloth after using it. Also if you find the clipper is not moving smoothly, that problem would be solved with anti-rust oil that you could purchase at any hardware store.

Also how much the blades wear out depends on how often you use the clipper and how you store them at home. If you feel like the at home maintenance isn’t working much anymore, you could send your clipper to their workshop and let them do the maintenance professionally. The cost of the maintenance goes from 1,000JPY up to 2,000JPY. (The maintenance process usually takes about 2 weeks)

I don’t think no other nail clippers could be maintained professionally. From that fact, I think you could almost feel their thought of them wanting customers to take care and use the product for a long time. Also because they could get fixed over and over again, rather than buying a new clipper every year or two, SUWADA’s clipper could be used for over 10 years. In the long run, purchasing SUWADA’s nail clipper will save you money as well.

Reasons to choose SUWADA’s product

For this section I concluded all the characteristics and my own experience on the list here.

・No need for rasping after cutting your nails
・You could save some time with this clipper
・So much easier to clip nails compare to cheaper nail clippers
・Because it makes the process so effortless, clipping nails will no longer be unpleasant
・Nails won’t fly off and makes it so much easier for you to clean up afterwards
・Clean nails, better impression
・With a maintenance, it could be used forever
・Thick nails won’t be a problem anymore
・Could be carried around anywhere with their dedicated case
・Could be left out anywhere in the house and won’t look weird because it’s so stylish

No other nail clippers have this many reasons to purchase than SUWADA’s.



In this world, there are so many products that are cheap and good quality. But SUWADA’s products aren’t relying on machines and only done by craftsmen’s hands, and also only use the best quality materials from japan. Very sharp and anti-rust processed nail clippers that could be used for over 10 years are super hard to find other than from them.

The price might look too high for some people but once you experience this nail clipper, you will understand why they are so popular by so many professionals in many genres.

Obviously i would recommend this product for women, but i think especially men should use this product. Women look at men’s hands more than you think. If you have clean hands, women will have a good impression of you.

Also this nail clipper comes with a dedicated case so it could be perfect for a gift for your significant other.

They are packed with dedication and skills of craftsmen. I highly recommend you to try them once and experience the difference. I guarantee you that you would want to purchase them.

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